Expert Guided Visits

In 2018, maximize your visit being guided by experts

To better guide you and help you get to the essential, we invite you to discover next May experts guided visits dedicated to e-health.

In free access, it is a meeting driven by an expert into the exhibition and it consists of a small group visit during 3 hours enabling the discovery of a selection of exhibitors and possibly to attend a forum. Thus, you benefit from an exchange of views with specialists on the theme you will have previously chosen.

Discover the 2018 themes:

  • Big Data

Driven by SYNTEC Numérique (a professional union of digital services companies), the « Big Data » tour will evoke organizational upheaval caused by Big Data, which still seems to be neglected in care process. The tour will recall the promises that still need to be kept and will show concrete and structuring solutions that have proved their worth, based on the reference systems in particular, essential to implement projects on health data and their valorisation.

  • Health Data hosting – New in 2018 !

The tour « HDS » (Health Data Hosting) will be led by the French Association of Authorized Hosting Data Health (AFHADS). The introduction as of April 1st, 2018 of a certification for health data hosts, in place of the license in force since 2009, changes method and nature of HDS service. The tour will meet certification bodies, health infrastructure specialized hosts as well as territorial structures and service providers to explain new process.

  • Invoicing Dematerialization – New in 2018 !

The  » Invoicing Dematerialization  » guided tour, led by the Federation of Health and Social Information Systems Companies (LESSIS), will present software solutions to support dematerialization programs at hospital (Symphonie programs: invoice dematerialization, patients paths…) and third-party payers. These innovations are notably carried by LESISS federation members.

  • Interoperability

The « Interoperability » tour, piloted by Interop’Santé, is based on concrete implementations of standardized interfaces made by Association members. The use of FHIR resources, the Interop’Santé Gazelle test platform and the use of health terminologies (LOINC, SNOMED-CT) will be at the heart of the demonstrations.

  • IS Security

The  » IS Security » tour, led by the Association for the Safety of Health Information Systems (APSSIS) will offer a circuit of 4 visits of 30 minutes to 4 actors of health cyber security. Participants will also attend 4 mini-conferences. The objective is to give opportunity to actors engaged in cybersecurity – managers, engineers, CISOs, experts – the opportunity to benefit from 4 coordinated focus, integrating governance, identities and technologies.

  • RGPD  New in 2018 ! Complete Expert Guided Visit, a victim of its success

The « RGPD » tour, piloted by ASIP Santé, is also at the heart of the news. Indeed, General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) will apply from 25 May. The tour will allow to discuss about hospital repercussions, steps to be carried out to comply with new rules, on legal aspect in particular.

  • Virtual Reality Training – New in 2018 !

This new tour « Virtual Reality Training » is led by ILUMENS, training platform in medical and paramedical simulation that offers training. A few weeks from the Villani report on Artificial Intelligence, the tour will lead participants to applications of AI and virtual reality in medicine and medico-social.

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