Pre-programme at 16/04/2023

Agora FHF

Tuesday 23rd May

  • 12:15 > Integrated approach to visual disability / 15/20 Hospital
  • 13:15 > Launch of the call for projects “Towards an Alzheimer friendly hospital” with the Fondation Médéric Alzheimer
  • 14:15 > Presentation of the SantExpo Innovation Trophies and the MGEN HR Innovation Trophies
  • 15:15 > Strengthening the place of patients with quality
  • 16:15 > Speaking on Cybersecurity
  • 17:15 > Presentation of Northwell Health NYC hospitals / Business France

Wednesday 24th May

  • 9:15 > Volunteers and patient visitors in health and medico-social establishments
  • 11:15 > New professions in cancer care / FHF Cancer
  • 12:15 > Presentation of the Femmes de Santé Awards of the year
  • 13:15 > Access to care for people with disabilities
  • 14:15 > Presentation of the Hélioscope Prize
  • 15:15 > Presentation of the Plumes Grisée writing competition prize
  • 17:15 > Presentation of the VISUCHIR
  • 18:00 > Presentation of the RHF Awards

And will take place in the Agora Space (Construction, Engineering and Technical Platform) – From 4.15 pm

The FHF 2023 Thesis Prize
The Ecological Transition in Health Prize (TES)

Thursday 25th May

  • 9:15 > The different forms of user involvement in health care institutions
  • 10:15 > Temporary non-medical accommodation: its widespread use in hospital care
  • 11:15 > Talking differently about health: new vectors of prevention
  • 12:15 > The transformation of the offer in the medico-social sector
  • 13:15 > Prevention: tools for identifying frailty in the elderly
  • 14:30 > Presentation of the SantexCom Prize

Agora Manager

  • How to be an employee / FILIERIS
  • Involving users in hospital projects: what works? / GOVERNMENT HEALTHCARE
  • Access to health: concrete solutions for everyone, everywhere / MUTUELLE NATIONALE DES HOSPITALIERS
  • CHP reform: a concrete tool to improve hospital workers’ health / MUTUELLE NATIONALE DES HOSPITALIERS
  • Mobilising collectively to improve the health of hospital women / MUTUELLE NATIONALE DES HOSPITALIERS
  • What are the modalities of continuing education for professionals adapted to the context of health care institutions? / PHOSPHORIA
  • The hospital childcare centre, a solution for attracting and retaining staff / MNH SERVICE À L’ENFANCE
  • Attractiveness and engagement: what if digital was a solution? / ACCENTURE
  • Digital technology for a reinvented continuous training of caregivers: case study of GHU Paris and testimonies / SANTÉ ACADÉMIE
  • “Made in France” as a lever for economic recovery / UGAP ?
  • Delegation of management, simplification of decision-making processes and empowerment: the experience of CLCCs / UNICANCER
  • GHT city cooperation: building a shared project / URPS MEDECINS LIBERAUX IDF
  • Liberal Specialised Care Teams: feedback / URPS MEDECINS LIBERAUX IDF
  • The reference standard for health care institutions, NF S 90351 – ASPEC / ANAP
  • QWL, an ally of performance and loyalty / HAPPYTAL

Health careers village’ Agora

Tuesday 23 May 2023

  • Continuing education for health professionals (ANFH)
  • Young health professionals: they are (still) choosing the hospital (ISNI / EDH)
  • What is the state of the job market in the health sector?
  • Taking care of the health of professionals (Philippe Denormandie / Ministry of Health and Prevention)
  • Vocational crisis: ways to remedy it / BRIGAD
  • Human Resources: new ways of dealing with the talent shortage / OCTIME
  • HR Trophy awards by the FHF Fund

Wednesday 24 May 2023

  • ATTRACTIVE MED – Are users training professionals, partners in health studies?
  • Integrating new staff through mentoring (Collectif Mentorat)
  • ATTRACTIVE MED: How to prepare tomorrow’s health professionals for clinical research (FHF)
  • Presentation of the medical attractiveness awards
  • Conciliation and mediation, what’s new in resolving conflicts (National Mediation and DGOS)
  • Reinforcing the managerial path of professionals (CNG, DGOS, EHESP)
  • ATTRACTIVE MED: Health students in the governance of institutions (FHF)
  • Charter signing: “Post-Covid review of the 2019 FHF welcome charter, signed with internal organisations, the public hospital ecosystem and local authorities?

Thursday 25 May 2023

  •  The ISD, a partner in the transformation of professions (WELIOM)
  • Facilitating recruitment by developing an employer brand (INDEED)
  • A new social dialogue in establishments (Adhress)

Agora “Patient / Resident”

  • Bientraitance, democracy in health: boosting the participation of residents/patients / AGEVILLAGE
  • Helping carers / FNEHAD
  • IDEs within UAS / FNEHAD
  • Early assessments / FNEHAD
  • How about breaking the silence around death? / HAPPY END
  • Art in the service of the medical world: knowledge, well-being and aesthetics? / MEDART
  • Democracy in health: taking into account the voice of the user/ MINISTÈRE DE LA SANTÉ ET DE LA PRÉVENTION
  • Rights of health care users / MUSIC CARE
  • Rest area for carers, we tell you everything / NAP AND UP
  • How can patient organisations and health institutions complement each other in improving the quality of life of women affected by metastatic cancer? / ROSE UP
  • Personalization and prediction: what future for prevention in oncology?/ UNICANCER
  • Obesity Coalition: impact of obesity on the health system / NOVO NORDISK
  • Improving the patient experience while accelerating ambulatory care in orthopaedics / LA POSTE
  • Maintaining the Family / Team / Resident link / LINKIZZ

Agora Construction, Engineering and Technical Platform

  • Reconstruction of the Tarbes hospital – Presentation on the need to secure the project / A2MO
  • EWC premiums, a financial lever to support hospital groups in their energy renovation / AIDEE
  • How to combine cyber security and access control / ISEO
  • The reference standard for health establishments, NF S 90351 / ASPEC – BAXTER
  • How to build an operating theatre / ASPEC – BAXTER
  • Project management, example of health establishments / ASPEC
  • Which air treatment for risk areas / ASPEC
  • Energy savings in the operating theatre / ASPEC
  • Operational qualification: what checks should be carried out to verify compliance in risk areas / ASPEC
  • Decarbonisation in health / MINISTRY OF HEALTH AND PREVENTION
  • Giving a new ambition to the DASRI sector / PROSERVE DASRI
  • Designing a Psychiatric Intensive Care Unit / TPF INGENIERIE
  • The new challenges facing hospitals in terms of transport (transplants, drugs, clinical trials) / CHRONOPOST HEALTHCARE
  • Financial aid from the French Health Insurance / ASSURANCE MALADIE
  • Cybersecurity applied to technical building lots / EQUANS

Agora E-Health

  • ARNO – Co-creation codoc – GHU Paris Psychiatry / CODOC
  • Rennes and Brittany, cybersecurity for health / DESTINATION RENNES
  • Exploiting real-life data: a sovereignty issue for tomorrow’s medicine / DOCAPOSTE
  • Simplifying the digital patient journey / DOCTOLIB
  • Patient flow management, the Danish example / GETINGE
  • eConsent: Feedback / INNOVATION AND TRUST France
  • How can downstream bed management be made more fluid and patient flow management optimised? Feedback from a GHT / MAINCARE
  • REX on a connected solution for hospitals / SUPERWYZE
  • Digitalisation and digital strategies: unprecedented optimisation levers for cancer care pathways / UNICANCER
  • Will e-health save the hospital? / DÉCISION & STRATÉGIE SANTÉ
  • 2023, the year of remote medical monitoring: what remains to be done to develop organisations and uses?/ CATEL
  • 360 views of health data security / HISI GROUP
  • Clinical research: give your institution visibility / DEDALUS
  • A successful city-hospital collaboration for the early management of lung cancer risks / RESIP / COGEDIM
  • Data visualisation for decision-making in healthcare / SIB

Agora Numerique/Digital

  • Digital innovation for prediction / CAPGEMINI
  • Artificial Intelligence in the patient experience / CLUB DIGITAL SANTÉ
  • Docaposte, your healthcare data strategy partner / DOCAPOSTE
  • Sovereign and trusted cloud, which uses? / NUMSPOT
  • Cyber threats and healthcare security: what solutions?/ GROUPE PSIH
  • Data at the heart of healthcare organisations: sharing the experience of experts and users / INTERSYSTEMS
  • AI revolutionises telephone appointments / IPCONTACT GROUP
  • Cybersecurity: a collective, determined and coordinated response to the threat! / NATIONAL AGENCY FOR DIGITAL HEALTH
  • AI, Data Driven / MIPIH
  • Cyberdefence / MIPIH
  • Outsourcing your IS, good or bad idea? / OKANTIS
  • The use of AI in clinical routine via the PHILIPS PACS in a University Hospital/ PHILIPS
  • How to prepare for the Radiology Segur with France’s leading PACS provider / PHILIPS
  • Successful drug management: the importance of innovation from prescription to follow-up / SYNAPSE MEDICINE
  • Cybersecurity of healthcare actors: solutions exist / UGAP
  • Testimonials: QWL and safety with the Augmented Ear / OSO AI
  • How to build and strengthen the cybersecurity of health care institutions? / UGAP
  • Live Hacking Sessions – 2033: Artificial Intelligence at the heart of the cyberwar against health systems/ KLEE CONSEIL & INTEGRATION
  • Data processing, dematerialisation, regulation, web services… What are the impacts and keys to the digitalisation of the health sector / KLEE CONSEIL & INTEGRATION
  • Providing service to users in the face of a cyber crisis / WELIOM
  • Multi-purpose telemedicine solution / CONEX
  • Sovereign and trusted cloud, what uses / NUMSPOT
  • Being cyber-resilient, the main challenge for healthcare institutions. How to achieve this / SIH SOLUTIONS

Agora Management of Innovation

  • IGR: Data structuring for the digital health roadmap / NUANCE COMMUNICATIONS
  • Reprocessing of UU DM: responsible purchasing / CLAPS
  • Game changer: how collaborative innovation can revolutionise healthcare / DIGITAL PHARMA LAB
  • Better sharing product data and optimising the medical device supply chain / GS1
  • Digitalising and supporting care production at territorial level with the new generation Maincare IC CIO – Feedback from a GHT / MAINCARE
  • Decentralised clinical trials & innovative technologies: how to make France more attractive / DR DATA
  • Generative AI at the service of health professionals / NUANCE COMMUNICATIONS

Agora Architecture

  • Private hospitals trends 2023 / feedback / TLR ARCHITECTURE
  • Sustainable and eco-responsible healthcare environments working group / UAFS
  • How to make hospitals desirable again / SCAU
  • Therapeutic” architecture / MENGEOT
  • Presentation of the Quality of Life trophy / MNH / UAFS
  • Inventing establishments that are forerunners in the evolution of care – The evolution of cancer care spaces: towards “care” / GROUP-6
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